Struggling to find the time to grow your online business?





  • Simple steps to free up 10 extra hours a week
  • A little known tool to automate  many areas of your business and life
  • The #1 secret to freeing up mental clutter
  • Techniques and resources to stay organized & focused when you've got a whole lot going on!
Don't let lack of time be a reason for not reaching your goals. Whether you still work a 9-5 or are swamped with clients, use this guide to free up precious hours in your day.  
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"Many people just give you a bunch of fluff, Amber is the exception. She had real solutions that were new. Not the same old content recirculated. "

Shannon C.
Natural Soap Mom

" I highly recommend to anyone (moms or not) who would love to learn how to have more time in your precious life….. rather than time having you!"

Jessica M.
Create Better Moments


Amber Kelsey is a Productivity and Online Business Strategist.


When her 2 year old looked up at her and asked “Mommy, why are you always working?” She knew something needed to change. 


This led her to become a certified Productivity Specialist. Combined with her business and time management knowledge she was able to create two successful online businesses and still increase the time she spent with her adorable children. 


With specific tools & strategies, she helps women create and grow profitable online businesses without the overwhelm. She believes no woman should leave this world with her dreams still inside of her. Lack of time is no longer an excuse. 

Let’s make it happen!

Get The 5 Top Productivity Hacks Here

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