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Take REAL Action in your business over the next 4 months

The doors for 2017 have closed.

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Are you frustrated that you didn't seem to move the dial on any of your projects and always feel strapped for time?

You want to have a thriving business without sacrificing what matters most (family, friendship, me time!).


Join a group of dynamic women who will support you every step of the way and...

Finally get projects off the back burner and completed!




Curious what other members have said?


Let's Make It Happen!


Take your business to the next level in the  90 day Make It Happen mastermind group!

What is it?

Private coaching + mastermind group all in one. 


  • Private coaching: 1:1 Support where we get clear on your true desires and create an action plan to get there.
  • Mastermind Group: Belong to an intimate group of peers who understand this juggle and find ways to make real progress together. Get personalized input based on the collective experiences of 4 other women.
  • The *Bonus course: Consists of the Time Management makeover, a time management overhaul (mindset, systems and structures to streamline your business and life) so you so you can create that perfect Work + Life Harmony you crave.




What you receive:

Finally get the support you need and the kick in the pants to get things done!

A support system for your goals both professionally and personally.

Hold each other Accountable and achieve your goals

Find clarity and creative solutions through brainstorming with others

A safe place to gain perspective on new ideas

Advice and resources to take your business to the next level

Set goals and follow through

Belong to an intimate group of 4 other entrepreneurs who support you and cheer you on!


Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching call

Bi-weekly Mastermind Group with your tribe


What the mastermind group looks like:

-Share your successes from the previous weeks & answer questions related to the Time Management Course.

-We then move onto the hotseats
What's a hotseat?: Each meeting you will get to participate in the “hotseat” where you discuss your current problems/needs and get the focused attention of the other members . You get input based on the collective experience and skills of other members. This is the GOLD in a mastermind group!

-We share our biggest take-aways and state our goals for the next 2 weeks.

-Closing of the meeting and then off to being productive until we meet again!


What the coaching calls look like:

45 minute private call to get extra support and accountability and a place to dig a little deeper (mindset blocks, business get what you need). 

This call is on the opposite week of the group meeting and scheduled individually. 



The Next Program Starts on September 11th 2017!!!

Private coaching begins the week of the 11th.


Mastermind meeting dates:


Group 1 (first meet: 09/20/17)

Wednesdays 10am-11:30am (PST)

Group 2 (first meet: 09/21/17)

Thursdays 6pm-730pm (PST)

FULL Group 3 FULL (first meet 09/22/17)

Fridays 6pm-730pm (PST)

We meet via ZOOM video/telephone Conference. 

The coaching calls

will be scheduled individually on the week we don't have a mastermind group. 




Hey there, I'm Amber Kelsey

Productivity + Business Strategist 

I'm a Certified Workplace Productivity Specialist , Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator & Business Strategist who wants to help you create that next BIG thing in your business (without the overwhelm) 

As an entrepreneur, career woman and mama to two.... I understand this desire to live the best of both worlds. I wanted nothing but the best for my family, but also had dreams of my own.

I've been studying productivity for quite some time and discovered mastermind groups are one of the most productive things you can do for your life and business.

When I started using my productivity teachings and paired that with a supportive mastermind group, I was able to achieve so much more!




 $997 includes 

From Sept. 11th, 2017- January 12th, 2018


1 Kick-off Meeting to get to know your new members

7 Mastermind Group Meetings

7 Private 1:1 business/life coaching calls

1 wrap-up meeting to celebrate and look at where you want to go next with your goals

The Time Management Makeover course


  • A half hour productivity assessment call prior to the start of the program, where I employ the concept of Holistic Productivity to assess all areas of your life that may be blocking your productivity (from mindset to health and more!) This way you'll have a starting point of where you might be blocked or see what's working. 
  • Personalized, once weekly text messages to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Bonus event- Planning party to map out your 90 day goals
  • Bonus event- Success Party- occurs after meeting 4 to really deep dive into where you are with your progress and celebrate what's been achieved as well!

**BONUS: Guest speakers monthly to speak on facebook ads, organization and more!

There is still time to catapult your business in 2017!

Be the first to know when the 2018 Mastermind opens!

People on the waitlist always get extra bonuses and discounts :) 

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Full Pay



5 Month Pay


5 Month Pay

The Time Management Makeover *Bonus

Want to know what's in the bonus course?

Course Content

Module 1: Setting yourself up for success

Lesson 1: Your Vision

Lesson 2: Goal setting

Lesson 3: A strong plan


Module 2: How to structure your next 90 days

Lesson 1: Lists

Lesson 2:  Quarterly

Lesson 3: Monthly

Lesson 4: Weekly

Lesson 5: Daily

Module 3: Optimizing your success

Lesson 1: Prioritizing

Lesson 2: General office Flow

Lesson 3: Staying focused

Lesson 4: Self-care

Lesson 5: Morning rituals

Lesson 6: Mindset

Lesson 7: Shiny object syndrome

Lesson 8:  Procrastination

Lesson 9: Automation

Lesson 10: Habit forming

Lesson 11: Accountability & Support

Lesson 12: Masculine vs. feminine ways of running a business

The Doors have now closed, but you can still book a discovery call to talk about other options!

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