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"I am so grateful for Amber’s program because I learned how to set specific, attainable quarterly goals for my personal, work and family life, which I am now either reaching or will reach soon. Amber helped me to break down goals into bite sized pieces. She also provided a wealth of valuable tools to help me become more focused and productive. Amber is the kind of person you want to have in your court— she is friendly, warm and caring and is a fount of knowledge about all things entrepreneurial. I am so much more focused and clear in my business. Thanks Amber!"

Melinda Standford

"I enrolled with excitement and anticipation. While most of the focus is on business, your time as a Mother is not overlooked. The program has helped grow me as a person and in business. It helped me feel I was not alone in my struggles. The program was easily digestible and not overwhelming. I found myself setting clear goals (with a little prompting from Amber). After setting those goals and knowing you'll be checking, helped push me to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Amber's program to others. Amber's sweet, kind personality makes the experience a pleasure. Yet she pushes you in the right direction to set and achieve your goals."

Shannon Costill

Being part of the mastermind was an amazing experience! I would absolutely recommend to any other fellow women in business! You achieve Increased productivity, accountability, support (you realize you are not alone), networking, goal clarity and personal growth!

Helen Granskog

I LOVED being in the MM group. The benefits were having accountability but mainly to know I was fully supported in my endeavors. I am definitely more on track with setting priorities and I even reached my 90 Day goals!

Fawn Gill

It's super helpful! She guided us through the process of becoming a group that could help each other achieve our goals. It's given in a way THAT FITS INTO MY LIFE WITH YOUNG KIDS.

Amy Landers

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