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Online Business Accelerator


Trying to  finally get your online business off the ground and to that next level?
But, feel all over the place...?


You have the passion and the drive..... but get hung-up on what next step to take.  You've tried numerous things and they just don't get you the level of success you dreamed of when you started your business. 

 Now, I want you to imagine

what it would feel like if you had laser focus on what you were doing.

TAKING ACTION on the most important things that actually move your business and
personal goals forward.

You're bringing in the income you desire and are reaching your big business goals (without the overwhelm). 

It's time to step into who you really are, into who you're supposed to serve (dream clients here they come) and start living the life you planned. 

To produce the business results you want (without the overwhelm) you need  systems in place, a clear roadmap and some rockin' support.


When I got hired to work full-time from home I thought it was the dream job that would allow me to be there for my 2 toddlers and bring in the income our family needed. That was until the day my 2 year old son looked up with his big eyes and chubby cheeks and said "Mommy, why are you always working?"

Whoa! I felt completely broken. I had become the "bad mom" I'd feared I had been. Although I got to be home, while my kids had sitters and were close by...I wasn't really there, I was WORKING ALL THE TIME. I was in my home office 40+ hours a week. I feared all my son knew was mommy worked all day in her office instead of playing with him. 

I knew I would need to be my own boss in order to have the freedom to be with my little ones. 

But, it didn't seem possible!  

I knew the steps to take to grow an online business (I had started and sold a Baby Carrier website , Candle website and more, with my mom when I was just 19 years old...but that's a story for another day).

But, where was the time?
I could never find a moment to sit down and work on a business plan. I found myself distracted and unproductive. I was spending too much time on things that didn't move me forward.

I knew there had to be a way to make this work, because financially, I could not quit my job to start this business.

I decided to learn everything I could about productivity. And I did. At last- the Key to having a successful business and still being able to keep up with my growing family!

I developed a passion for productivity & went on to become a Certified Workplace Productivity Specialist.

With specific tools, strategies and structures, and the support of my own mentors and coaches I was finally able to grow my business (helping non-profits monetize their facebook presence) and still take my kiddos to the park on a  Monday morning! 

Let's do the same for you!


Introducing the:

"Productive and Profitable Online Business Accelerator,"

4 month PRIVATE Coaching Program


"Amber is  a fount of knowledge about all things entrepreneurial."

"I learned how to set specific, attainable quarterly goals for my personal, work and family life. Amber helped me to break down goals into bite sized pieces. She provided a wealth of valuable tools to help me become more focused and productive. Amber is friendly, warm and caring and is a fount of knowledge about all things entrepreneurial. I am so much more focused and clear in my business."


"For years I had read and attended courses about starting an online business but never was able to grasp the knowledge to put it into action.

After my sessions with Amber, I finally felt clear in the direction I wanted to take my business.

I was able to quickly take action because of her concrete and actionable coaching.

Amber is really focused on listening and respecting my ideas and as  a result, we were able to come up with a plan that got me to where I needed to go." 

Denver Vo

What's included?





First you need to clear your mental clutter. This enables you to get out of the overwhelm, align with your goals & rapidly accelerate your results.

You’ll also learn how to set up your baseline computer systems for maximum productivity.


  • Plan to Prosper Workbook (PDF)
  • The Organized Entrepreneur Computer systems checklist
  • Self-care Assessment
  • 60 minute Plan to Prosper 1:1 Session



From to-do to DONE

Together we’ll map out a comprehensive step-by step plan to achieve your dreams.  You’ll learn how-to double your productivity, conquer your to-do list & finish your day feeling truly accomplished.


  • Productivity Questionnaire
  • Project Planner- mailed to your home
  • The Organized Entrepreneur Dry erase Boards – mailed to your home
  • Time Management Make-Over Training Video
  • Time Management Make-Over handout
  • 60 minute 1:1 session



You’ll create  a unique offer that attracts your ideal customers again and again while leveraging your time and money.


  • Your Unique Money Maker Assessment
  • Stop trading dollars for hours handout and video training
  • Product Creation Resource Guide
  • Service-based Entrepreneur Resource Guide
  • What your customers really want Handout
  • 60 minute 1:1 money maker session



You’ll learn how-to consistently engage with your audience and become the go-to person in your industry and how-to create content the easy way with my streamlined content creation system.


  • Content Creation Workshop- “1 year of content in 1 day” video training
  • Content Creation Templates
  • Blog post templates
  • Email list building Plan
  • Signature Lead magnet creation Handout
  • Email Newsletter templates
  • Welcome Email funnel templates
  • Copy writing the easy way guide
  • Lead Magnet Map
  • 60 minute 1:1 content strategy session



The Simplified Social Media game-plan.

Together we’ll narrow down which social media platforms you actually  need to be on. Consistently connect with a wider audience & attract customers in a way that doesn’t take over your entire day. 


  • Social Media Simplified Game plan video training
  • Social Media Simplified Handout
  • Facebook and Instagram deep dive video trainings
  • 60 minute 1:1  social media strategy session



Learn how to avoid “busy work” and time-wasters and instead, keep your eye on the target with activities that actually produce a profit.

Learn how to delegate and get the support you need .


  • Delegation Made simple Handout
  • Delegation Resource Guide
  • Profitable Activities Handout
  • Productivity Resource handout
  • 60 minute 1:1 productive & profitable session


3-2-1 LAUNCH

The Step by step system to help you create a buzz-worthy launch. Let’s Jumpstart an “ok” business back to life or Catapult a new business to the top with a flow of cash and customers.


  • Sales Page Formula Handout
  • Launch Calendar Printable
  • 321 Launch Map
  • 321 Launch Video Training
  • Email Launch Funnel templates
  • FB Ads Resource Guide
  • 60 minute 1:1 Launch Session



Work less-play more. This module helps you do just that.

Learn how to maintain your new productivity, streamline & automate your business.


  • Systems Creation Video
  • Automated Funnels Video and guidebook
  • Messenger Bot Breakdown
  • 60 minute 1:1  session

Each Module consists of:


Video Trainings

In-depth coverage of the module topics delivered to you before our private sessions so you can start taking action quickly.

Workbooks, handouts, templates

Save time with templates and checklists that keep you on track and taking action in your business without the headache of starting from scratch.

Private 1:1 sessions via 'zoom' computer video calls


Let's dive deep into what you're working on. Get help with mindset blocks, questions and coaching on what next step to take.


"You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish!"

"I was amazed! When I started, I felt like my goals were going to be way too hard to achieve, because I didn’t have any time. But then, each week, I made changes to my life and worked on my business and family. By the end I had achieved everything I set out to do! Amber reminded me to focus on the “smaller” picture in order to achieve the much bigger goal.  If you’re on the edge, I say do it!! You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish!"


"Something that actually moves my business ahead!"

“The tools Amber provided, along with the accountability of regular meetings, has helped me select a single primary goal for my business - something that actually moves my business ahead."


" Amber is the exception. She had real solutions that were new. She helped me to dive deep to uncover my real roadblocks and build a plan to work around them"

"Amber was always present in our sessions. She challenged me on a regular basis. Gave me actionable suggestions that really worked. Our sessions were something I regularly looked forward to!!

Many people just give you a bunch of fluff, Amber is the exception. She had real solutions that were new. Not the same old content recirculated. She helped me to dive deep to uncover my real roadblocks and build a plan to work around them.  Amber has been fantastic to work with."



Signature project planner  

Mailed to your home. This will be a staple to your success as it will keep you organized and focused with multiple tracks. You'll know what to do monthly, weekly, daily to reach your goals and it will have you only taking action on what matters most. 

The Organized Entrepreneur  (c)

Routine System

Mailed to your home. *Black frame not included. These are essential in Module 2 to get you organized  with systems that recur on a regular basis and to get those new routines solidified. 


4 bonus check-in sessions (30 minutes each)

for continued guidance throughout the program

Email access to me throughout the program, for that extra support when needed

Yes! I'm Ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN

I know I'll receive:


  • 4 Months of Comprehensive 1:1 private coaching
  • 8 hour-long Private sessions to dive deep
  • 4  thirty-minute check-in sessions for continued guidance throughout the program
  • Weekly goal tracking to keep us focused on your goals
  • Email access to me throughout the program, for that extra support when needed
  • 8 Modules of videos, guidebooks & templates to help you create a streamlined business from A-Z without any headaches
  • 20+ templates to create your sales funnels and email campaigns with ease
  • 10+ Resource lists and checklists to save you precious time researching and creating business systems from scratch
  • Self Assessments- to get clear on what time management blocks are keeping you stuck and how to get more done and still be there for you and your loved ones.
  • The Bonus "Organized Entrepreneur" Signature Project Planner & Routine Dry Erase Boards mailed to your home




and then 7 monthly payments of $214

Let's do it!



One easy payment


Let's get started!

"Thanks to you, I've upgraded my business to a higher level." 

"To work with you is a real pleasure. Thanks to you, I've upgraded my business to a higher level. Thank you, Amber! Continue this extraordinary work"

Victoria Dubasaru



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" I had an awesome experience with Amber. She goes all in when she is coaching with me. She’s very strategic and...

gives great recommendations and advice.  The fact that she is a mother and running an extremely successful business at the same time, says volumes.  I highly recommend her to anyone (moms or not) who would love to learn how to have more time in your precious life….. rather than time having you!”

Jessica Mann