"I am so grateful for Amber’s program because I learned how to set specific, attainable quarterly goals for my personal, work and family life, which I am now either reaching or will reach soon.  Amber helped me to break down goals into bite sized pieces.  She also provided a wealth of valuable tools to help me become more focused and productive.  Amber is the kind of person you want to have in your court— she is friendly, warm and caring and is a fount of knowledge about all things entrepreneurial.  I am so much more focused and clear in my business.  Thanks Amber!"


"For years I have read and attended courses about starting an online business but never was able to grasp the knowledge to put it into action.

After my sessions with Amber, I finally felt clear in the direction I wanted to take my business.

I was able to quickly take action because of her concrete and actionable coaching.

Amber is really focused on listening and respecting my ideas and as  a result, we were able to come up with a plan that got me to where I needed to go." 

Denver Vo


"Amber was always present in our sessions. She gave me actionable suggestions that really worked. Our sessions were something I regularly looked forward to!!

Many people just give you a bunch of fluff, Amber is the exception. She had real solutions that were new. Not the same old content recirculated.

She helped me to dive deep to uncover my real roadblocks and build a plan to work around them.  Amber has been fantastic to work with!"

I want to know about your big dreams!


"You are inspirational.  To work with you is a real pleasure. Thanks to you, I've upgraded my business to a higher level. Thank you, Amber! Continue this extraordinary work"

Victoria Dubasaru


"I had an awesome experience with Amber.  She goes all in when she is coaching with me.  She’s very strategic and gives great recommendations and advice.  The fact that she is a mother and running an extremely successful business at the same time, says volume.  I highly recommend her to anyone (moms or not) who would love to learn how to have more time in your precious life….. rather than time having you!”

"I was amazed! When I started, I felt like my goals were going to be way too hard to achieve, because I didn’t have any time. But then, each week, I made changes to my life and worked on my business and family. By the end I had achieved everything I set out to do! Amber reminded me to focus on the “smaller” picture in order to achieve the much bigger goal. Her advice was taken to heart .  She was professional, but warm and friendly, too. If you’re on the edge, I say do it!! You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in just  three months! "





"Being part of the mastermind was an amazing experience! It was very powerful to be able to learn from the knowledge of the other women and get feedback when needed.

It was great to be a part of a like-minded group knowing we are all in it together and can support each other. 

I have now cut back on my shiny object syndrome and am focusing on one goal at a time.

I’ve been breaking my larger goals up into more manageable goals over a determined amount of time. 

I would absolutely recommend to any other fellow women in business! You achieve Increased productivity, accountability, support (you realize you are not alone), networking, goal clarity and personal growth!"

Helen Granskog

Author of From Sugar to Sneakers to Simple

"I LOVED being in the MM group. The benefits were having accountability but mainly to know I was fully supported in my endeavors. I've noticed I am definitely more on track with setting priorities and I even reached my 90 Day goals! I achieved more in 90 days than I had working on the same project for 6 months!"

Fawn Gill


"I'd been thinking about doing a Mastermind for years, but had never taken the time or effort into organizing one . 

You had the structure and gave us prompts and guided us through the process of becoming a group that could help each other achieve our goals. 

The external accountability was really useful for me. Knowing that I had  a call coming up where I would be sharing what  I've done,  something that was good in my life and I loved the Proud  Mama moments that we were prompted to share. That's super helpful to have that accountability in a way that fits into my life right now with young kids. It’s nice to track my progress through the 90 days together. I look back and see all that I really have accomplished in the last 90 days."

Amy Landers 


"The thing that distinguishes your Mastermind from some other group programs was the ability to get more personalized focus on each person in the group.

Having such an intimate group, I'm more likely to participate. Being able to pick one thing that you really need help with and get input from multiple different people is really valuable.

The external accountability was also key.... I said I was going to do something, so I need to make sure I do it so I can tell them about it at the next meeting."

Aurora Remember


"Amber is a productivity ninja! Her own experience taking purposeful action with limited time provided an inspiring example that motivated me to do more of what matters. She has a wealth of productivity tips and strategies up her sleeve and shared these with the group in creative ways that met our different learning styles. She thoughtfully holds space for the mastermind to meet on regular calls, allowing us to hear from one another and provide feedback. A key goal when I joined was to launch the Mother's Quest Podcast and I was amazed that when the 90 days arrived, I HAD REACHED MY GOAL. I am certain my participation in the Mastermind group played an important part in successfully reaching this milestone."

Julie Neale


Let's explore what your big dreams are & how to reach them