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A Certified Productivity Specialist + Business Strategist helping Female Entrepreneurs go from stuck and stressed to

with step-by-step Productivity Strategies, Mastermind groups &
1:1 coaching


When I got hired to work full-time from home I thought it was the dream job that would allow me to be there for my 2 toddlers and bring in the income our family needed. That was until the day my 2 year old son looked up with his big eyes and chubby cheeks and said "Mommy, why are you always working?"

Whoa! I felt completely broken. I had become the "bad mom" I'd feared I had been. Although I got to be home, while my kids had sitters and were close by...I wasn't really there, I was WORKING ALL THE TIME. I was in my home office 40+ hours a week. I feared all my son knew was mommy worked all day in her office instead of playing with him. 

I knew I would need to be my own boss in order to have the freedom to be with my little ones. 

But, it didn't seem possible!  

I knew the steps to take to grow an online business (I had started and sold a Baby Carrier website , Candle website and more, with my mom when I was just 19 years old...)

But, where was the time?


I could never find a moment to sit down and work on a business plan. I found myself distracted and unproductive. I was spending too much time on things that didn't move me forward.

I knew there had to be a way to make this work, because financially, I could not quit my job to start this business.

I decided to learn everything I could about productivity. And I did. At last- the Key to having a successful business and still being able to keep up with my growing family!

I developed a passion for productivity & went on to become a Certified Workplace Productivity Specialist.


With specific tools, strategies and structures

and the support of my own mentors I was finally able to grow my business (helping non-profits monetize their facebook presence) and still take my kiddos to the park on a  Monday morning!  Let's do the same for you!

I'm so happy you're here!


Maybe you work full time at a corporate job and desperately want to start your own business so you can have that freedom, but you can’t seem to find the time to even think about a business plan let alone work on it.
Or you spend late nights after the kids go to bed researching your target market, and type up blog posts as you try not to fall asleep. And you keep thinking, if only I had a few more hours in the day! 

 Yes, the key word here is “time”.


Time is a beautiful thing, and it' something that is given to everyone equally.
It’s the choices we make with our time that make our life meaningful or not.

Through 1:1 coaching and mastermind groups

I help entrepreneurs get from point a to point z without the overwhelm.
I share specific structures and strategies that are tailored to your needs. No cookie cutter approaches or just "theory" here...we really dig-in and lay out the action steps needed to achieve your unique online business goals,
 in a way that is productive and profitable.

You're in the right place if you Value:

Living your purpose............Even if you try to ignore it, you always feel an urge inside that you are meant for so much more

The Power of Community.....................When women connect with and support one another, amazing things happen!

Working Smarter and not harder


Lack of time, is no longer an excuse. If you’re ready to let go of the overwhelm and create the business you crave,
Click here to see how we can work together and #MakeItHappen.



How other's put it:

"When I was growing up, my mom would play Barry Manilow and Lionel Ritchie cassettes in our house, Amber's would play Tony Robbins. With a lifetime value of self actualization and entrepreneurship as her purpose, Amber Kelsey continues to invent and innovate, invent and innovate. The kind of generosity that makes her a champion mom to her two young sons is exactly the kind that she has built her coaching practice on and that coupled with her commitment to value those young boys thriving first and foremost makes her just the woman to turn to when you want to build a business that doesn't insist you sacrifice family to do so. Spend a few minutes connecting with Amber either one to one or as a participant in one of her in demand masterminds and you will without a doubt feel the warmth of her heart and the depth of her ability to serve."

-Wendy Y.


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